The network aims to promote the study of the history of the city, through the events and protagonists of a centuries-old story from antiquity to today, from the most famous ones, but which for young people often remain confined to the lines of a book, to those linked instead to the daily life of the neighborhoods, to those who lived there and who turned into heroes 'by chance'. The pulsating memory of these has been lost: the memory has been consigned to odonomastics, to inscriptions and tombstones on the walls that dot our city but which remain silent to most. However, great history is also made up of the small stories of these unaware heroes who, in the face of injustice, were capable of not turning the other way, moved not by protagonism, but by humanity, solidarity, civic sense. For this reason we believe that knowing their history is important for the education of tomorrow's citizens: in this way the city stops being an agglomeration of buildings and monuments but becomes a community of women and men, heirs of a past that unites them and not stops teaching the great values on which our society is based.

Laboratorio di memoria 2021
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